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Fields of Law

Copyright Law

Copyright law protects the creator of an individual intellectual work. Protected works can be those of literature, science or art, for example a musical composition, a drama, a novel, a painting, a film, a photograph etc.. Copyright covers moral rights, e. g. publication rights, the right to recognition of authorship and the prohibition of any distortion, exploitation or other rights. The author can prosecute the violator of his/her rights by criminal and civil law.

Film and Television Law

Film and television law centres upon comprehensive consultation regarding the financing, production and distribution of national and international film and tv productions. This includes in particular, complex contractual agreements such as option agreements, filming, script, financing, licencing and distribution agreements and negotiations with financing partners, e. g. co-producers, banks, film subsidy funds and private investors.

Contract Law

Contract law comprises the drafting, reviewing and negotiation of agreements. This includes creating a legal overview of the facts and selecting relevant regulatory settlements, taking into account current legislation and case law. Standardized agreements (such as sales-contracts, loan agreements or lease agreements) as well as contracts tailored to the specific needs of each case are part of this field of law.

Trademark Law

Into this category falls trademark research, the applying for and administration of trademarks at the German and foreign trademark offices and the enforcement of claims in the case of the unlawful infringement of trademarks.

Labour Law

Labour law includes the judicial and extra-judicial protection of interests in the relation between employer and employee, especially the inspection of labour contracts, consultation and litigation with respect to dismissal and compensation.

Guardianship Law

The legal custody of persons of full age means the support of vulnerable people to the extent defined by the guardianship court. A vulnerable person is someone not in a position to take care in whole or in part of his/her personal matters due to psychological, mental, spiritual or physical disabilities. Guardianship can affect financial aspects, representation (for example when dealing with authorities, courts, insurance companies or landlords) and protection regarding personal matters.